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Love, To Infinity and Beyond!

Schawand McMillan approached me a few weeks ago about creating a piece for the couple’s party she was attending. The theme was love, couples, and tie-dye – how could I say no to that?


We met briefly over Google Meet to discuss her concept. Shawanda provided me a few images she had found online of love symbols.

The vision was a business card-sized piece with a magnet in the back. Similar to the Fire Dancer pieces that I made for Alicia & Clayton’s Wedding in thickness with an inset magnet for hanging.


I got to work playing with SVGs and existing STL models.

I used Inkscape to convert Images that Schawanda provided into SVGs that I used to create Sketches in FreeCAD.

I found a few STLs from and

After running a few test prints, Shawana settled on “Infinite Love” by funkTLS.


Below is the final draft.

I couldn’t help but use my favorite Prusament PLA in Ms.Pink for the test prints. The pint came out beautifully! I was able to scale the middle down to about 100mm X 50 mm X 5 mm / about the size of a business card. The 6×2 mm magnets I had on hand press fit seamlessly into the back of the print without any additional glue.

Just what my client was looking for, with crisp lettering, even at the small scale, she loved the piece.


Once we settled on a model, it was time to discuss the colors. I went over my library of color options and material properties per the application and recommended PLA filament.

Did I mention TIE-DYE???

With the theme in mind, it was a no-brainer to opt for the Rainbow filament. I showed Schawand the filament in an application I used for my own desk and it was a wrap.

I used the filament previously for my own desk organizer project.

Final Product

Love it!

The colors are what really made this piece shine. DO3D Silky PLA Filament is just awesome. The pieces were shiny and the colors were vibrant.

Each piece was finished off with a matching ribbon and modes makes tags featuring our signature, butterflies on the back.

This project was an absolute blast to work on. The total project took less than 4 weeks, including shipping.

The pieces arrived next day to Chicago Illinois, with a few extra treats inside the box. modest makes can ship anywhere in the world.

My Favorite Part – Happy Couples!

  • Erin & Leon

Thank You!

Special thank you to Shawanda! We appreciate you choosing modest makes as a way to make your special event memorable!

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