Client Stories

You want it? – Make it!

Turkey Hunting is very special to me. During the pandemic I, like may others, pithed ideas of how I could pass the time. Yearning to get out of the house, my fiancé and I tossed around a few activities that would get us outside. Long story short, a childhood dream of hunting took the cake for us both.

After we took our time researching, training, and practicing , we headed out for the first time in the Spring of 2021. With a Mazda CX3 packed to the brim, we headed out on our 6 hour drive from Seattle to Kettle Falls. Can you say excited? We heard birds and we scared birds… Though we didn’t come home with any turkeys we came home pumped up for more action.

Fast forward to Fall of 2021, we went out again and were thrilled to both bag our very first birds.

Unfortunately, a local stray dog nabbed EVERYTHING but a foot (including the fans) we left out overnight.

This past spring we made it out to Colville, WA for another go. My fiancé, took a shot at a beautiful bird on public land and asked if I would #3dprint a custom mount for him.

First he shared his vision. Then I sketched out a design. I came up with a modular mounting fixture that would sit flush on the wall with an adjustable fan clamp to keep everything secure. Next I set up the beard. The beard was bound in leather and fit perfectly into the suspension hole I designed in the mount. For the front plate, he wanted Washington state to commemorate the hunt. Finally, I added a few personal touches. I included the season, year, and turkey tracks to mark the location in Eastern Washington where he took his bird.

Once he was happy with the design it was time to pick out the colors and materials. I went with PLA for the front plate because they had the best variety of colors to choose from. I was not concerned with strength or durability as the fan was being supported by an ABS mount. The plate and mount were joined by press fit magnets.

A lot of my creations are born from not finding what I want online or instore. There are a lot of commemorative Turkey Hunt Mounts out there to honor your hunt.

When a store-bought mount doesn’t cut it,  #makeyourown!

~ Modest Makes